Exchange your unwanted texts for hard cash
by simply downloading the FREE mofono app!

Turn your Android smartphone into a virtual piggy bank - start earning extra cash today!

How do I download Mofono?

Mofono is available to Android phone users only.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

If you're a Samsung user then download from the Galaxy Store.

Download the APK

Any other Android phone users should download direct and follow the installation instructions.

1 Download the FREE mofono app as instructed above.

2 Start earning cash straight away – check the app for your current balance!

3 Whenever you opt to ‘cash in’, you’ll receive a unique code to your app – simply show this code at any UK Post Office

4 Receive your cash payment over the counter.

5 Hey Presto! It’s your cash to spend however you wish.

How does it work?
Use your unused message allowance to earn cash

The vast majority of UK mobile phone plans offer either unlimited texts or approximately 4-5,000 of texts for personal use per month.

If you’re not sure of your text allowance then check your contract or pay-as-you-go deal. Mofono is available to both contract and pay as you go tariffs.

With the advent of internet messaging services fewer and fewer people use hardly any of their network text allowance. Download mofono and we will, effectively, pay you for your unused texts! But don’t worry! They won’t be actually used by us. A number of texts will be sent directly to our servers each day – these generate a revenue for us, which we’re delighted to share with you! The mofono app will ‘invisibly’ send texts in the background to our servers – not effecting your phone use in any way. These texts will be completely free to you but each text received by us will generate a micro payment which we will credit in cash to your mofono account. Keep a daily tally on your balance each day by simply checking your mofono app.

Cashing Out

Here’s the nifty part. When you elect to cash, we’ll send a unique code to your mofono app. Just take this to any UK Post Office Counter and they’ll pay you out in cash. No questions asked. There’s no bank account involved, just ‘hard’ cash – instantly paid to you over the counter!

Typically, your mofono account will grow by £10 per month. You can cash in each month from as little as £5 in your account. Alternatively, roll it over each month for a bigger pay day down the line. You could easily be cashing in as much as £50* after just three months.

It doesn't cost a penny

Mofono is totally FREE to download and use. You will not incur any charges whatsoever, you’ll simply use some of your FREE monthly text allowance and in return your mofono cash balance will increase on a daily basis. As mentioned, our app will automatically send a daily amount of texts to our servers but it will not effect the day-to-day usage of your phone whatsoever. Rest assured these texts will NOT be used for any marketing messages.

Once you’ve loaded the mofono app, you need do nothing – apart from watch your balance grow. We think it’s rather brilliant, even if we say so ourselves. Granted, mofono will not make you a millionaire – it’ll simply earn you some extra cash. As we say, It’s money for nothing straight to your phone!

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